Best Caribbean Islands that are also Safe to Visit

Caribbean islands are popular for their beautiful weather, serene beaches, and plenty of fun-loaded activities. Nevertheless, when it comes to safety, not all Caribbean islands are alike. Hence, when traveling to a specific Caribbean island, make sure to verify whether it’s safe or not.

To assist you in this regard, we have created a list of the safest Caribbean islands. So now, it is quite easy for you to choose a Caribbean destination that is safe too.


Bonaire is a famous travel spot for tourists. It is a beautiful island offering all the elements, which make this place worth visiting. In addition, Bonaire is also a safe island. You can spend all day long here and that too without any security concern. Among other fun activities, Bonaire is much popular as one of the best diving spot in the Caribbean.


Situated close to the coast of Venezuela, Aruba is an ideal destination for beach lovers. Furthermore, being a safe destination, this island offers you the opportunity to take part in adventurous activities.

However, make sure to keep your belongings safe and don’t leave them unattended. Chances of break-in or theft are low, but you should avoid flashing around your belongings in the public.

St. Maarten

St. Maarten is a perfect destination, which is luxurious as well as safe. Here you will get a chance to spend some best moments of your life by exploring marvelous mountains, lagoons, and beaches. The crime rate in St. Maarten is quite low, which makes it an ideal destination for the tourists.

Turks & Caicos

When it comes to one of the safest Caribbean islands, Turks & Caicos is among the top options. There are almost 40 small islands, which offer a wide array of adventurous activities like kite-boarding, whale watching, sailing, and snorkeling.

The reported crime rate in North and Middle Caicos, South Caicos, and Salt Cay is very low. So you can travel to this place without any hesitation.


Barbados is the cultural hub of Caribbean culture. It has amazing food, music, surfing facilities, and natural habitats. People are friendly and cooperative. This is the reason; instances of violent crimes against visitors are rare. Even though, you should keep all your belongings close to you while visiting crowded areas.

Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands include Cayman Brac, Little Cayman, and Grand Cayman. Here you will find secluded beaches and luxury apartments all at one place. If you love scuba diving, this is the right spot for you. Talking about the crime rate and overall safety situation, happening of unpleasant incidents is quite rare.

 St. Lucia

No Doubt, St. Lucia does have a wow factor attached to it. The coastline is picturesque, filled with natural beauty. The place is relatively safe for tourists, but you have to keep in mind some other factors. For instance, while going off-road during the rainy season, don’t settle for anything than a 4×4 vehicle. Moreover, wearing camouflage is not allowed in St. Lucia; hence, don’t try to wear anything like that.