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Why You Should Visit Sri Lanka Once In Your Life

Sri Lanka is one of the most diversified and much sought after tourist attractions. Usually, people fall in love with this place after their first visit. Sri Lanka has experienced a considerable surge in the number of tourists from the year 2009 to 2015.

Why people get attracted to this place in large numbers? To get an authentic answer, just take a look at these 7 ultimate reasons to visit Sri Lanka.

The Diversity of Sri Lanka

Although Sri Lanka is a small island, it appears to be a highly diverse place. Here, you can visit cool lush highlands and palm-fringed beaches within just one day. Moreover, you can find almost every flora and fauna in its seven different types of forests. The hot and dusty plains give you a reason to take advantage of the desert like atmosphere.

Captivating Beaches

If you like the idea of just chilling out on a peaceful and sunny beach, there is no better option other than Sri Lankan beaches. The coastline sprawls at a vast area of 1,340 km, which makes it possible to find your own private beach. Especially, the beaches on the east and south of the Island are truly amazing.

Rich Culture and History

Sri Lanka is a place rich in history and culture. The early settlement dates back to almost 35,000 years ago. Due to its vast natural resources, Sri Lanka was at the target of numerous superpowers of history.

Sigiriya Rock FortressĀ is the best example to show how rich Sri Lankan history is in reality. The period of colonialism and Buddhism has seen various wars. This island has experienced long turbulences, which became an unpleasant part of history. Kissimmee Lakefront Park is also an historic place you should go…

Cuisines and Delicacies

During the past decade, Sri Lankan cuisine got the international recognition it deserved. There are more than 5 Sri Lankan restaurants In London alone. The coconut-based curries are the most delightful delicacies that you can afford to miss. In fact, Sri Lankan cuisine is full of depth and unique flavors.

Friendly People 

This is one of the main reasons why tourists prefer Sri Lanka over other Asian destinations. While traveling through the island, you will come across numerous indigenous people who welcome you with their unsurpassable hospitality. No matter whether you are wandering in the Muslim, Hindu or Sinhalese areas, people will always embrace you with open arms.

Diverse Wildlife

The wildlife in Sri Lanka is astonishingly diverse and incredible. Here, you can witness blue whales, wild elephants, leopards, monkeys, and numerous other species. The island appears to be a mini Africa, where wildlife encounters are more than common. 

Adventure Travel

Sri Lanka is a must visit place for adventure lovers. Here, you can enjoy surfing, hiking, mountain climbing or scuba diving. Sri Lankan tourism department has made special arrangements for a wide range of adventure sports.  

Especially, surfing in the Sri Lankan open waters is a lifetime experience where you enjoy the perfect conditions and surfing facilities. The diving spots are also great, taking your adventure travel to a new level. Besides, Kelani Ganga is the best place for white water rafting.